IOR Services

Importer / Exporter on Record (IOR / EOR) Services

Importer on Record

In order to import and sell your merchandise here in India, it is essential that you have a fiscal presence in this country. Repair & Return offers low cost solutions for businesses, which do not have a direct presence in India, but would like to sell and support customers without a direct presence here. Repair & Return offers you Importer On Record Services, to businesses located outside of India. Repair & Return would act as an Importer on behalf of the end customer, where all transactions are undertaken by R&R and delivered to the customer.

We can arrange for the importation of goods, handle receiving and warehousing of merchandise and forward logistics to final destination.

Exporter on Record

During International Repair & Return services, goods would need to be channelled from end users to be sent to Repair Vendors outside the country, in which case Repair & Return would offer Exporter on Record services to re-import the repaired goods back into the originating country. A major advantage in this scenario would be that the repair vendor does not have to get involved in import/export clearance.

Our services include:
  • Prepare documentation for importing / re-export of goods
  • Receiving and warehousing of goods / merchandise
  • Invoicing & Payment collection (On Specific request)
  • Returns & Warranty fulfilment (in case of IOR)
  • Advantages of using IOR/EOR services from Repair & Return
  • Client can save the costs of establishing legal entity in countries.
  • One-stop-source to handle all documentation and formalities for clearance of shipments.
  • Fulfill customer warranty services without hassle of a direct presence or middle men.